Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We jumped.

B and I have been talking about getting a cat for a while now. He grew up with them, and I love them but never had one since my dad is allergic. We would get really close to going to the shelter and getting one and then pull back, not sure if we were ready. It felt like standing at the edge of the pool, staring at the water and thinking, I made it this far, I put on the suit, I lotion-ed up, am I going to do it? Am I going to do it? Should I just jump? Maybe I should get in slowly. Back to the steps maybe? Maybe I'll sit in the sun a bit first, get really warm so it'll feel nice to jump in. I'm going to do it! No wait.


We jumped.

Or rather, we are in the air. Tonight we pick up a brother and sister pair of gray kittens that, through a complicated series of relationships, a friend-of-a-friend type family found wandering in a field. Are we ready? Hopefully. It's hard to tell till you hit the water how it's going to turn out. I'm really excited, as we have already visited the kittens and they are beyond a doubt sweet, adorable and fun. The idea of being completely responsible for some other being is intimidating, however. I'm pretty sure my parents are apprehensive about my decision.


B and I decided that the worst case scenario, if we absolutely cannot care for the kittens at some point, is that we have to give them to a friend or a no-kill shelter. No one else is willing to take them, and the family that found them is leaving on vacation this weekend. They will have to go to the pound if we don't get them, and it would break my heart for these tiny things to grow up in a cage. At the very least, we can provide them with the love and individual care they'll need as kittens (they seem to be around 6 weeks old). So we're going to do our best.

So while I am nervous about being able to provide them with what they deserve, I am also very excited to grow our little family by two. Pictures for sure to come!

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