Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On balls.

You know the kind I'm talking about.


When we took our kittens to the vet on Saturday, we were under the assumption that between them they possessed two, both of them on Truman. The vet massaged his man area and went "one...two, great" and then she picked up Tesla and went "one...well don't worry buddy, the other one will come."

I had presumed, from the context, that the vet was talking about kitty testicles, but when she said she felt one on Tesla, I was confused, since everyone had thought Tesla was a girl, and we had been treating her as such for three weeks. So I said "one what?" and she replied "testicles. He's a boy. They're both boys."


So hopefully I haven't screwed up my cat's psyche by treating him as if he subscribes to a gender not matched with his sex-although how can you really tell a cat's gender? Do animals have mismatched genders and sexes like humans sometimes do? I think that's too heavy a question for this early in the morning.

In any case, at least Tesla is a unisex name. Sorry for the mix-up buddy. You're a very handsome boy.

Truman, boy kitten.

Tesla. Also a boy kitten.


  1. Ha! That's priceless. One of my best friends has a rabbit named Bella who is referred to as a "she" but definitely had boy parts at one time in his/her/its? life! I have here-to-fore heard no indicators that she suffers from any psychological damage. Cute kitties!

    1. I'd never had cats before and I didn't know how to tell! I'm glad I found out before I made him be Minnie Mouse for halloween ;)