Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Awards Day.

I won! Well, kind of. Sarah over at [ad-ven-cher] notified me that she had nominated me for the "One Lovely Blog Award" (thanks for the shout out, Sarah!)

It looks like this:

Now, this is more or less like those "participation" ribbons that you get to say, thanks for playing! here's something to shove in the back of your closet and throw away when you're 25, however, it does mean something in that it is a way for bloggers to say hey! you! I've been reading your blog and I like it, and I think other people who read my blog will like it too.

The "rules" are apparently as follows

1. Follow the person who nominated you.
2. Link back to the person who gave you this award.
3. Pass along to new bloggers & let them know they won.

So it's a nice way to spread awareness of your blog and others you enjoy. I will thus award this pink and gray jpg to:

Samantha at 3-Oh-1 Grace St.

and finally,

All of whom I've enjoyed recently. Go forth and read.


  1. Congrats on the award! I found you via Sarah's blog! Looking forward to following along on your adventure!

    1. Thanks! If you hadn't already had the award, I would've given it to you-I found you via the LIY link up.

  2. Hey! I'm a new follower from Sarah of the Ad-ven-cher blog! Congrats, I'm excited to read along!



    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to stop by your blog as well :)