Thursday, July 26, 2012

24 in 24

Sooo some of the bloggers that I've been following in this new blog adventure are doing a link up hosted by Erin of Living in Yellow in which you take your age (for me that would be 24.  In a few months I turn the big 2-5. Which seems like some sort of milestone except that I'm not sure what I have to show for it so...) and list something you want to do within the year for every year of your age.

Her entry? Twenty Six in Twenty Six
1. Go back to Disney World with my parents.

Aren't they adorable?
2. Get engaged to my B! (and married? We'll see. Don't worry, B knows this already).
3. Move up in my career (a girl can dream, right?)

4. Move to a new apartment. Preferably in a nicer neighborhood. By nicer I mean without trains and neighbors whom evidence suggests may be utilizing some sort of illegal substance.
5. Participate in a "fun" race such as Warrior Dash or Color Run. Disney also has races! (Hint hint family. I actually think it would be really fun to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Or the 5K, as that seems a bit ambitious.)

Via. How cool would it be to run with B in princess and prince costumes? I don't really think he'd go for it though.

Via. I'm really more of a Snow White girl anyway.
6. Turn my master's thesis into an article for publication. This seems like a lot of work and I thought I left that behind in grad school so we'll see.
7. Bake and eat a delicious pastry type dessert from scratch, with real ingredients (no non-fat this or that), and not feel guilty about it.
8. Stop eating candy from the ever plentiful candy jar at work. (Co-workers! You're ruining my figure. But I do love the Peanut Butter Snickers. So thanks, at the same time).
9. Take a tropical vacation with B. (We're looking at Mexico...ok we're dreaming about it. But still.)

Via. I'm actually more excited about the prospect of going to Chitzen Itza than I am by laying on the beach. Because I don't tan and I'm a history nerd.

10. Get an iPhone. I still have a non-smart phone, and it works and it's ok...but wow they're cool.
11. Stop spending so much on clothes and mix and match what I have. And like it. Especially stop buying more striped shirts.
12. Get a new camera. A nice one. Where I can play with the settings and actually maybe like the pictures I take.

Like the Nikon D3100. Oooh, shiny.
13. Be completely content with my body. Whether that comes from acceptance of what it is at any given point or from ramping up my workouts and cutting out splurge-y foods. Or a combination of both.
14. Trade in my automatic Jeep Compass for something with a stick shift. I used to own a pick-up trick with a manual transmission and I really miss the feeling of driving it.
15. Get more involved at church.
16. Take a day trip with just me and my little brother (who is not so little, at 18 and almost 6 feet tall.)
Us at (where else) Disney World, getting ready to shoot some stuff on Toy Story Mania. This was about five years ago, so he's even more grown-up looking now. Ack! Where did the time go?

17. Take my grandmother to lunch. She is awesome and I don't spend quality time with her nearly enough.
18. Master some new recipes so that we don't have to have chicken and steamed veggies for every weeknight dinner.

19. Get a new mattress. Seriously, the one we are sleeping on belonged to my great-grandmother. No joke.
19.5 Wow this is a lot of things to come up with. I'm glad I'm not older. This seems quite ambitious for my usual energy level.

20. Skate at least once every few weeks.

Ah, the good old days.
21. Learn how to balance my time between work, family, friends, B and-what?-time for myself.
22. Start really saving for a house.
23. Actually make one of the DIY projects I keep pinning here.

Such as this. Looks deceptively simple, so I'm sure to screw it up.

24. Find at least reason to be happy, grateful and content in each day.

So there you have it. Likelihood that I will accomplish all those things? Slim to none. However, it's good to have goals and aspirations, amirite? Thanks to Erin @ Living in Yellow for the link-up and idea!


  1. You KNOW I am all for #6.
    If you figure out #13 and #21, please toss some pointers my way!

    1. Dr. M! If I had known you were reading I would've made #6 sound much more positive and not as wishy-washy! ;)

    2. Please! I am always wishy-washy about my work! Somehow, it happens anyway. Slowly, but surely.

  2. Great list! I have that Nikon and it's great! Fancy enough but not so fancy that I'm afraid of it! Better get one before that Disney World trip! =)

    1. Thanks! Glad to see a good review of the Nikon. I'm always so intimidated making large purchases of electronics that I don't really understand!

  3. very awesome list! I totally want to do a fun run as well! there are none of my area but maybe my boyfriends area so maybe i can do that this year too!!

    i totally recommend going to any sort of ruins in Mexico if you are a history nerd. I'm not at ALL but I went to Copan Ruinas in Honduras last year and it's pretty amazing. haven't made it to mexico yet but all my friends who have and have visited the ruins say great things!!

    your list is great. im going to try to find more balance as well. im having trouble lately with balancing anything with work! i put the most important things (the bf, friends, health, my blog) on the back burner because i literally have no other time! its deff something i need to work on!

    1. Thanks! I've never done a fun run before but it would be nice to have as a goal/motivation when I'm not feeling like going to the gym.

      The balance thing is definitely aspirational, but it can't hurt to have it as a goal, right?

  4. SO with you on the DIY Pinterest Board... Maybe when my Masters is over, I'll have more time? (though many assure me this is merely a myth)

    Love your list!

    You can check out mine here, if you like!


    1. Thanks! When I finished my Masters I only remember the feeling of relief that I didn't have to feel guilty doing anything besides schoolwork in my free time! Unfortunately that hasn't included many things from my DIY board...

  5. I love Pinterest and all the projects you find on there. I'm one of those, oh I'm going to do this and get halfway through and I think to myself, this looks nothing like

    Brittney @ The Sweet Life

    1. Then if you're me you quit and have a closet full of half-done strange looking projects you "might finish one day".