Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Mouse in the House (er, Apartment)

Unfortunately not Mortimer. As my love for Disney knows no bounds, I'd be much happier to find this mouse living in my kitchen.
We officially have a mouse in the apartment. And while I am not afraid of mice, per se, I have discovered that I am afraid of mice suprising me with their presence. If Mortimer (named after Mickey's cousin and rival for Minnie's affections) would sit quietly in a corner and look adorable, I might consider letting him stay. But last night he popped out from behind the toaster oven and dove into the stove and that is unacceptable. So the boyfriend, B, has been tasked with finding an humane mousetrap so that we can capture Mortimer, transport him to an unknown location, and release him into the wilds. I don't know if he will be happier there, but I will be.

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