Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday...Office Birthdays

When someone has to be in the office on their birthday, you do your best to make it good. This generally means decorating with whatever leftover decor you have from other parties, ordering pizza for lunch and giving them a card filled with insults from their coworkers. At least that's how it goes around here.

D was already scheduled to recieve a new office chair, so we thought, what better way to celebrate his birthday than with his brand spanking new chair?

We had Halloween decorations and 30th birthday spiral hanging things so we said "eh, they'll do" (even though D is turning 56, not 30) and slapped them all over his chair.

We also had a contractor in a box.

Nothing says "I love seeing you more than I see my own family and trying to complete impossible projects with you, procrastinating with you and raging against the machine with you" than the office birthday.

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