Monday, September 8, 2014

One Year Later


As of Sunday, September 7, B and I have officially been married for one year. Time does indeed fly. In many ways the year was the same as the past four (three? four? I don't even know anymore) that we've been together. We already lived together, so we didn't need to merge two households. We already shared a joint bank account. I didn't change my last name. Really, our day to day lives didn't change that much, but there is something intangibly different about being "official". It feels different to be presented to the world as a married couple, even though our commitment to one another was cemented long ago. 

We wanted to mark the occasion with a few days of just enjoying one another's company. Also we just bought a house and aren't in a position to shell out cash for a big splashy trip at the moment. So we took off from work Friday and spent two days at the beach with some good friends.

Sunset over the bay.
Ice cream, always.
We went home Saturday night and spent our actual anniversary hanging out at the house, and doing some of our favorite things together:

B made me blueberry pancakes for breakfast and I used my favorite Disney "Mrs." mug. We also got Chipotle for dinner and had frozen yogurt for a special treat.

With both each other and the cats.

And being outside on a beautiful day.
Hiking in the local park.

I personally love to find unique gifts, so I gave B a wallet card to replace the tattered note I wrote to him years ago that he's been keeping in there, and a little book of things I love about him.

A lovely day to cap off a great year, and a great way to launch the next, hopefully-equally-as-great one.


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